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Shelly specializes in abstract and graphic forms of tattooing, as well as color realism and illustrations. She enjoys unusual inspirations and creating bold tattoos.


Resident Nerd at ETC, Bill Jersey specializes in pinups, pop culture and geek chic themes in bold, bright colors. Gamers and Comic Book Nerds rejoice!


A color theory specialist and former make-up artist, Austin’s tattoos often have their roots in mythological, historical, gothic horror, and pop culture themes with a strong art nouveau influence.


Tom is our tattoo-son and noble shop Squire.  He has been tattooing for a year now, and is still learning and growing with us.  We are excited to see him flourishing in his own unique artistic style- combining sketchy/loose illustrative designs with splashes of bold color to create fresh designs.  Pop culture focused, animated themes are his FAVORITE!


New to tattooing, but no stranger to artwork, Anthony specializes in a bold, neo-traditional style.  We’re excited to support him on his tattooing journey and see how much more amazing it gets from here!


Jonathan’s a small town coastal art kid who found his calling through the inkcredible trade of tattooing. He enjoys fine-line illustrative black-work pieces, particularly flowers/wildlife, as well as any cool concepts that come to mind in unique flash sheets.


Shalynn is an Oregon native who has always been taken by the beauty and variety of the rivers, redwoods and ocean that surrounds us.  
​From this inspiration, Shalynn creates soft and painterly tattoos focusing on local flora and fauna with lots of attention to detail.